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Working today for a healthier tomorrow.

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EPA Certified- RRP Training Providers.

Lead Based Paint Inspections, Risk Assessments, Clearances, Abatement. 

Asbestos Inspections/Surveys.

Environmental Site Assessments: Transaction Screens, Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Licensed National EPA and State of Michigan/Wisconsin/Illinois Professionals.


Any person who disturbs lead paint while working on pre-1978 buildings or homes must have completed an EPA approved training seminar on the RRP Rule and obtain certification. Any contractor, from plumbers to electricians to painters, who disturbs lead paint while working in a pre-1978 home, school or day care center, must be Lead-Safe Certified.

General, Mechanical, Plumbing, Maintenance Contractors pursuant to Section 402 of the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) (15U.S.C. 2682) firms must have one or more "Certified Renovators" assigned to jobs where Lead-Based Paint is disturbed.                    


Northern Environmental Consultants is a EPA Certified Training Provider.

Our trainers are experienced Lead Professionals. 

Other services that are available are Asbestos Surveys, Mold Inspections and Energy Audits.

Also online training available. Call for additional times and location. Evening and Weekend Classes Available.

We also have competitive rates for privately scheduled training sessions and discounts on groups. Call for available times.

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About Our Company


We are Environmental Service Providers and an EPA RRP Training Provider.

We will train nationwide.

English - Initial and Refresher Training Courses. 

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